There are three main elements to our club competitions:
  1. Bi-Monthly
  2. Theme
  3. Annual

The following abbreviations are used throughout: CP = Colour Print, MP = Monochrome Print, PDI = Projected Digital Image.

  • No image may be entered in more than one of these categories.
  • Images must not have been entered in any previous BPC competition except for the ANNUAL competition.
  • Prints for all competitions should be brought on the evening of the relevant meeting.

1. Bi-Monthly Competitions (on any subject)

Changes to the Bi-Monthly Competition

We have had to modify this competition as we are unable to meet.
Legs 1, 2 and 3 will each consist of two categories: Colour Digital Images, and Mono Digital Images. There will be no Print category.
Each entrant will be invited to submit a maximum of two images per category. All the images will then be sent to all entrants followed by a voting paper to choose six top choices in order of preference.
These choices will then be processed to arrive at a final results table, which will then be revealed and discussed at the appropriate Zoom Competition evening.

2. Theme Competition

For the 2020/2021 season the theme is After Dark
  • Externally Judged by Malcolm Sales.
  • Entry: Colour Digital Images (max 2 images), Monochrome Digital Images (max 2 images). No Print category.
  • Please note, all images in this section must have been taken after the last AGM, i.e. nominally 20th April 2020.

3. Annual Competition

  • Externally judged by David Gibbins
  • Entry: Colour Digital Images (max 2), Mono Digital Images (max 2)

This season there will be three options in the Annual Competition:
  • Re-submit your earlier Digital Images unaltered.
  • Submit edited versions of one or more of your original images in the light of judge's comments in earlier rounds.
  • Submit ONE wildcard Digital entry. This would be an image taken since April 20th 2020 but not previously entered in earlier rounds.

Preparing Your Prints (This section is on hold this season)

  • The title and author's name must be shown on the back of each print, which should be no less than A4 size, and not larger than 50 x 40cm, preferably mounted.
  • When entering print titles for any of the competitions, it would be appreciated if you could also submit digital copies (prepared as for PDIs - see below) so that we can include them on the website.

Preparing Your Digital Images

  • Each Digital Image must be in JPEG format, and each must bear the title and author's name.
  • Each Digital Image need not be resized down to the 1400 x 1050 as previously instructed, although huge files will not email well!
  • Experienced members will be very happy to assist if you are not sure.

Entering Your Images

  • Several days before a competition you will receive an email inviting you to enter your titles and to send your images to
  • The reply must be sent no later than the Thursday prior to the competition night.
  • Full instructions are given in the email. It is essential that you follow them exactly, otherwise your entry may be invalid.

Points Competition

  • The award goes to the entrant with the highest total marks in either the Colour Digital Images or the Mono Digital Images categories from the Bi-monthly, the Theme and the Annual Competitions, whichever gives the highest total.

Awards: (Please note that all these awards have been restructured as follows due to there being no Print Category this season

BI-Monthly Competition (across all 3 legs):

  • Best Digital Colour Image - Jullien Trophy
  • Best Digital Mono Image - Marchant Brooks Trophy

Theme Competition:

  • Best Digital Colour Image - Bolehill Trophy
  • Best Digital Mono Image - Wright Trophy

Annual Competition:

  • Digital Colour Image of the Year - Peak Trophy
  • Digital Mono Image of the Year - Whirlow Trophy

Points Competition:

  • Carnelly Trophy

Committee's Award for service to the Club/most promising newcomer:

  • Jack Mettam Trophy