The winner for each section (PDI and Print) will be the person accumulating the highest total throughout the three Legs of the competition.

Leg 1 (PDI only):

1. 'Together' by James Ellis
2. 'Onward and Upward' by Tim Reynolds
3= 'Lazy Days' by James Ellis
3= 'Darter Dragonfly' by Hilary Tann

Leg 2 PDI:

1. 'Mono Majestic' by James Ellis
2. 'Egret Landing' by John Thorpe
3. 'Blue Iris' by Tim Reynolds

Leg 2 Prints:

1. 'Contrasts' by Les Nixon
2. 'Early Morning Stretch' by Hilary Tann
3. 'Froggatt Bridge' by John Baily

As this Leg was the only one where we were able to run Prints, the aggregate marks of two entries for each competitor stand as the LEAGUE results.

B-M Print League Results are:

1. Hilary Tann
2. Vaughan Williams
3. Les Nixon

Hilary is awarded the Chairman's Trophy

Leg 3 (PDI only):

1. 'Dominance Asserted at Dawn' by Tim Reynolds
2. 'Lacewing' by Hilary Tann
3= 'My World' by Les Nixon
3= 'Freeman Hardy and Willis' by John Hadfield
3= 'Madeira Magic' by Les Nixon

B-M PDI League Result:

1. James Ellis
2. Tim Reynolds
3. Hilary Tann

James is awarded the Marchant Brooks Trophy