Annual Competition

Entries into this competition are a re-submission of the best of your entries into the Bi-Monthly and Theme competitions. However we permit one 'Wildcard' PDI entry which is an image not previously entered in this season's club competitions.
This competition consists of 4 sections, with a maximum of 2 entries into each section: Mono PDIs, Colour PDIs, Mono PRINTS, Colour PRINTS.
The person(s) scoring the highest mark in each section is the award winner for that section

Mono PDI Results:

'Moor Snow' by Tim Reynolds
Tim receives the Wright Trophy

Colour PDI Results:

'Dipper Encounter' by Hilary Tann
Hilary receives the Peak Trophy

Mono PRINT Results:

'Home by the Sea' by Richard Gosney
Richard receives the Whirlow Trophy

Colour PRINT Results:

'Maiden Flight of a Mayfly' by Hilary Tann
Hilary receives the Saville Trophy